How to buy food intelligently and without wasting? With single-serving anti-waste portions and a sustainable food packaging that promotes recycling and promotes innovative preservation methods

The waste of food and products is consumed mainly within the home. To fight waste there are researches into new types of sustainable food packaging and single-serving anti-waste portions that offer innovative preservation methods. Buying single-dose products for one person reduces waste and saves on quantity. But above all it arrives more easily at the end of the month. A goal coveted by most families.

Anti-waste food packaging can prolong the life of food and give detailed information about products. In addition to raising awareness among the population of advice and information on how to shop, there are those who turn to technology to study new ways of preserving more and more effectively. Examples already exist in the United States, Japan and Australia. The problem is that in addition to being effective and safe, guaranteeing food suitability, these technologies must also be economic.

With the new food packaging, fruit ripening times can even be delayed and the storage conditions for vegetables and in general for all fresh products can be changed. There are special simple and comfortable containers designed to absorb oxygen or eliminate moisture. The use of bioplastics derived from vegetable waste has brought to the fore special polymers such as polylactic acid obtained from cane sugar or glucose with zero environmental impact, capable of preserving the food and letting it breathe (no mold). While other compositions can prolong the life of easily perishable foods.

Myitalic Team has developed and produced reusable Silicone Food Bags that can help you save your left-over  and reduce food waste at home! They are hermetic and guarantee quality preservation.

You can save up to 5000 plastic bags a year. Think of how much money you can save and how much help you give our beautiful planet!

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